Narrative Essay About Little Dove

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Little dove – Forgive me for my scepticism but, in the light of your recent darkness I have to remind you - We have been here before. Disappearing into an oblivion of languish and misery, you forget that this darkness cannot and will not save you. How can it be that it’s escape your memory that this hell never was a home to your saviours? In the first place, this is where your demons lay roused and watchful, masking themselves as alluring angels before sucking you into an amnesia of sinister thoughts that will crawl through your mind into the depths of the lightless night. Forbidding you from the freedom of sleep, your skin will crawl until you itch yourself to rawness and enflame your bones into a fury of fire and ash. Beating furiously it will be as if your heart is desperately trying to claw through the bones of your very structure and escape the imprisonment of your crumbling skeleton. Drowning into the depths of life, you will be choking and chasing after the surface desperate to catch a breath yet, the demons of your past will drag you…show more content…
This self-hatred is a form of injustice, constantly unravelling further and further out of hand. Why are you so persistent on destroying yourself? Trust me, I know exactly what you’re doing. Your days are spent fake laughing at peoples jokes, maybe even hysterically laughing at their inability to notice the lack of soul behind your lifeless eyes. Dragging what you deem as your worthless body up to your room at night, you shut your door to the world and breathe in a sense of relief. This is the place where you perform rituals of self-hatred. Sometimes, you will throw your insides up in the faith that the emptiness within you will stop feeling quite so heavy. Constantly, you will scar your skin until the blood weeps out in hopes of it draining you of your sadness. Necking a bottle of vodka you will hope that the spinning of your head will help your life to fast-forward and flash
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