National Sovereignty

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“That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends,it is the right of the peoples ' the alter or to abolish it…”This was stated in the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson.This means that when any government starts to undermine the people’s natural rights which are life, liberty and property then later on changed by Thomas Jefferson,they have the right to change government or get rid of government if it’s not going well. The Declaration of Independence was a proclamation that listed basic principles of democratic government which stated colonists’ grievances against the king and gave reasons why colonists’ were free from British rule.This was signed and ratified by congress on July 4,1776 which stated why the …show more content…

In order for the colonists not to rebel against the government it has to protect their rights and be a good type of government,some principles of a strong government are that all men must be created equal,must have national sovereignty,natural law,popular sovereignty and self-evident truth.Popular Sovereignty meant that the government was ruled by the people and that they were the source of all political power.All men are created equal meant that this included everyone in humanity,this was an important part of the European enlightenment philosophy.National Sovereignty was a supreme and absolute kind of power which state governs,it does everything possible to govern itself.Self- evident truth means that it 's simple and clear for anyone to see. Parliament began treating colonists unfairly and did not give them the same rights as Englishmen which were basic legal claims established over time, that all subjects of the English monarch were understood to have. They included the right not to be kept in prison without a trial and the right to trial by jury.Thomas Jefferson got influenced by Aristotle, which was a philosopher he believed that each person should pursuit …show more content…

In conclusion the Declaration was a shocking but necessary move that freed us from the unfair British rule.The principles from this document has carried on through time and remained our government’s basic principles up to date.The free country you know as the United States of America would not be free nor a country if it wasn’t for the daring move our inspiring founding fathers came up with known as the Declaration of

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