Did The Boston Revolution Affect The Defection Of The Colonists In North America?

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The events that led up to Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence was a peculiar set of circumstances when compared to other rebelling nations around the world. On the surface, the evidence for social discontent seem to be lacking. The colonists were not in a state of economic crisis, nor were the colonists seeking a national identity. What would cause the general population in the colonies to go from being proud English subjects to unanimously declaring their independence from the British Empire? What influenced Thomas Jefferson in his writing the Declaration of Independence can be attested to the colonists feeling unfairly taxed, unscrupulously watched over and ignored in their attempts to address these issues. To broadly address many of the issues that plagued the colonists and ultimately led their defection, most of these issues can be attested the British imposing themselves heavily on their colonists in North America. One of the earliest events that heavily sparked controversy in the colonies was the 1770 Boston Massacre. As John…show more content…
Oppressive actions such as the Boston Massacre heavily shook the general public’s view of their British rulers. Unfair policies such as the Stamp Act, in which colonists were forced to pay taxes on almost all paper goods, further agitated unrest in the colonies. If it wasn’t for a mix of oppressive actions and overbearing policies, the Revolution likely would not have gained enough traction to sway the views of the general public, and likely Thomas Jefferson would not have had enough support to write the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson not only used the Declaration of Independence to announce the United States secession from the British Empire, but he also used it to express all of the injustices he saw against colonist’s natural
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