Native American Mascot Controversy Essay

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Teams at any level of competition, in every sport, have a mascot. The mascot is essentially what represents the competitive spirt and identifies the team, motivating both fans, coaches, and players. Although, the symbol chosen as a mascot does not have an impact on number of wins nor loses. The choice of a Native American mascot continues to initiate debate and controversy among fans, alumni, and athletes today. More specifically, the debate over the controversy surround the Washington Redskin football team. The Redskins have come under very intense pressure in recent months to change their name, which many Native American leaders have denounced as a racial slur. So, why all the controversy? The argument to whether Native American mascots …show more content…

According to CBS local, Richard Sherman, a player for the Seattle Seahawks took a stance, stating, “I wish the NBA’s Donald Sterling controversy would have been a catalyst to reignite the conversation over Washington’s controversy team name”. Sherman continues throughout the article, he believes the name “Redskin” is very offense to any Native American tribe and Dan Snyder should reconsider his stance. To continue, the Green Bay Packers seem to take a fairly strong stance on this issue. According to, many of the players and fans feel as if this name is extremely derogatory. “The owner, Dan Snyder, has come out very strong that he will never change the name. But I am sensitive. It’s a name that’s very derogatory to a lot of people,” says Green Bay Packers chief executive, Mark Murphy. Seemingly opponents and retailers seem to disagree with the decision to keep the name. Personally, I believe the proponents of Native American mascots display honor and respect towards the Native American people. The inclusion of Native American iconography in athletic arenas serves more of admiration and tribute to the identity of the Native American culture. In addition, I firmly believe that many people are looking at this motto in a negative way, rather than positive. It is Dan Snyder’s team and he should be able to do what he pleases with its name and any other aspects that follow along with

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