New Hope-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Surreptitiously and quietly, the posted sentries at the main entrance leading to the Dweller city of New Hope maintained their duties guarding it, keeping watch over any potential threats that may arise from beyond the entrance at any time. From the balcony that stood directly above the steel gates of the main entrance, the Dweller city guard had managed to place a small barrier of sandbags with an additional sentry gun turret, consisting of twin mounted MG42 machine guns. Even further behind the sandbags and sentry turret emplacement was a table, with two G43 semi-automatic rifles leaning on the table. Seated around the table, there were three Dwellers: two Dwellers who were part of New Hope’s city guard, and the Silent Orphan, the leader…show more content…
“After Hades, the Godmother and my foster parents were all conspiring to bring me back to the surface, to enjoy a new life there. Before I knew it, I was finally able to be adopted by the State Chancellor and his wife. Not only that, they also made sure that I would be able to attend a Catholic high school in a place called Lansdale. It’s in Pennsylvania, and the name of this school was called St. Gertrude the Great, if I am not to be mistaken. Speaking of which, I’m assuming the two of you are wondering about how life in the Greater American Catholic School System is like, am I right?” As he had expected, he noticed the two city guard members nodding their heads in agreement. “I figured,” he muttered in…show more content…
Thanks to the sacrifices made by the posted sentries at the main entrance of the Dweller city, the atrium was fortified enough to constitute as a secondary line of defense. By the time that the oncoming horde arrived, the Adelburgers and remaining RGA members, combined with the city guard, repelled the human wave. Unfortunately, these efforts were in vain, as a second and later third wave forced them to retreat and leave their dead behind, taking with them only their weapons and their wounded from being taken by the Coven conscripts. Taking up tertiary defenses in various parts of New Hope, as well as its prized manufactory, the defenders of the Dweller city were scattered defending various districts from being

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