Nicomachean Ethics

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Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist. He made a significant and lasting contributions to nearly every aspect of human knowledge from logic, ethics and aesthetics. He is considered an important figure in western philosophy. Nicomachean Ethics was a famous book written by Aristotle.
Virtue Ethics:
Aristotle described virtue as a character trait that manifests itself in habitual action. Honestly, example cannot consist in telling the truth once, it is rather the trait of a person who tells the truth as general practice. A person must become honest through proper upbringing. A virtual is also something that we actually practice. Honesty is not simply a matter of knowing how to tell the truth that involves habitually …show more content…

Aristotle analysis of justice:
Justice can be defined as a type of virtue which is described in terms of equality and proportion as known as justice. Justice has a double meaning, in one sense, it applies to the whole of virtue. A just or morally upright person is one who always does what is morally right and obeys the law. Justice in the sense is called universal justice by Aristotle. The other sense of justice which he called particular justice is concern with virtue in specific situations. More precisely particular justice consists of taking only a proper share of some good. Aristotle divides a particular justice into;
1. Distributive justice, which deals with the distribution of benefits and burdens.
2. Compensatory justice, which is a matter of compensating persons for wrongs done to

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