Night By Richard Rodriguez Analysis

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“In that instant I feel the thinness of his arms.” Rodriguez states this about his father and the current state that he is in. This is the first encounter and time Rodriguez and his father exchanged words that night. The reader can infer that his father is still upset about him being fluent in English. Rodriguez also notices the state his father is in and that he is getting old and that his mother looks very sad. Rodriguez’s attitude towards his family and himself can be described as caring, looking out for each other, and loving. The Rodriguez family based on this passage can be shown as a caring family. “Daddy shouldn’t be outside. Here take this jacket out to him.” This shows that the mother cares for her husband and that Richard should talk to his father. The family looks out for one another and the health and state of each other. In the passage Rodriguez states that his mother knew the children will be better off without her, but every Christmas they are together unwrapping gifts. Christmas is the time of the year for caring and the reader should understand that the Rodriguez family executes this perfectly. Rodriguez states that after everyone is done unwrapping the presents they start to become tired and are anxious to leave. His mother at this moments …show more content…

In the passage when Rodriguez states, “Every Christmas now the floor around her is carpeted with red and green wrapping paper and her feet are wreathed with gifts.” This shows that the family had a lot of gifts for each other, showing their love for one another. “Another Christmas,” my mother says, she says that same thing every year, so we all smile to hear it again.” Christmas is a time for loving each other and the Rodriguez family does just that. Rodriguez’s younger sister kisses his mother and he take the jacket out to his father. This shows how much the siblings love their parents and how much they mean to

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