Not Born Evil In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the creature that Victor Frankenstein creates is not born evil. One cannot be born evil because we are shaped by our environment and the people we are exposed to therefore it is impossible for one to be born evil. Some may become evil by committing vile and destructive actions in which they are taught or were brought up to be. When ‘the monster’ had been created he had no idea what to think or say. He became confused and had no sense of anything. All he knew was that he was a hideous looking creature that no one wanted to be around. The creature is created as a symbol of evil who seeks to destroy everything in its path. However, he was corrupted by being rejected by his creator. The only reason why the creature started getting the sensation to kill was because people started treating him badly. They would scream and throw things at him like an animal because of the way he looked. He was so insecure about himself he began to hide himself away and live in a cave. …show more content…

He then gathers food and cuts firewood for the family and leaves it at the front of their house as a nice gesture to make up for what he has done. When Felix gets back with the rest of his family he starts beating the creature to ‘save’ his blind father, in which the creature did nothing to him but have a social connection with the father. The creature does not strike back but, runs away without physically contacting him. Another way he shows his kindness is when he notices a young girl drowning and tends to her. The companion of the little girl not knowing what is happening shoots the creature assuming he was attacking her. He goes away to his cave to tend tp his wounds for several weeks and then makes his way back to

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