Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment 1

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Sociology Assignment 2 Question 1&3 My ethnocentrism is screaming all that stuff is nasty and the thought of it makes me want to vomit. I can’t even stand snails and frog legs and in my family those are normal and what we call good eaten. A few of my friends like chocolate covered bugs, but I hate bugs and love chocolate so I’ll pass on that. I couldn’t eat bull testis either I grew up on a farm I’ve raised too many and seen too much to eat that. I love dogs and cats I could never eat one although my dad’s running joke is I love the five star china buffet in piedmont and he always tells me their meat is made of cat. I couldn’t eat monkey brains either that’s inhumane what they do to those poor little guys. This goes against how I was raised and all my eating pallets. My culture relativism side though understands why these are a delicacy to the other culture. I’d like to think of their fried and chocolate covered, bugs like our fancy …show more content…

We go to work, to school, and live a pretty much normal life. We’re what people call book nerds, outsiders, weirds, and may be anime freaks, but we’re normal we just get overly into the things we enjoy. I love books, yes I get over into them, but who cares it makes me happy a lot of people have things they really love, but keep it a secret unless there with their friends that like that thing, someone they trust, or may be a loved. I let my boyfriend of almost five years in on the fact that I’m cray into books and some anime and sometimes he reads them or watches the shows with me. He lets me know when I’m a little over obsessive and I tone it down, but he listens to me rant he says it’s only because he loves me and my voice is relaxing. I believe him because some times it’s even too much for me. I have an alright life and I’m accepted for me by the people who truly matter in my life and that’s all I really

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