Cultural Elements Of Cultural Identity

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What make you yourself? There are many elements that formulate people personalities and identities such as self-image and self- esteem. But the focus of this essay will be on Culture identity as it is an indispensable part of who you are. Culture identity "answers the question “who am I as a member of my group?” The shared traits, values, norms, experiences and history that are associated with one’s group are internalized by the individual to make up an essential component of his or her identity." ) Usborne, 2014). It will provide a sense of belonging to a group contributing a sense of security. Furthermore, it will break down the barriers between people and assist people in building a sense of trust among them. In the arrangers of marriage, …show more content…

It is the culture that forms the language, while the culture is impacted and influenced by language. That make the language the medium of the culture. Moreover, The culture and language shape the person identity. That is the importance of the language and culture to the individuals. Every human being is born in a similar way and bound to experience similar life stages. However, the contrariness is in the environment that surrounded the each individual while growing up and the language that she/he becomes accustomed to. This lead to creating of identities of particular culture and language, differing one person from the other. Furthermore, language is not only an expression or display of a heritage and history, also it is a fundamental element of any cultural that make it different and unique from other culture. (SCHECTER & BAYLEY, …show more content…

The food we eat is a way to communicates to the others our beliefs, cultural and experiences and social backgrounds. It reflex who you are and your identity and your society. The food you eat strengthen your ties to your ethnicity on a day to day basis, also if you are in another culture it will reflexively reinforce a sense of identity. Americans seeking burgers everywhere and English looking for fish and chips in Greece can be seen as identity reinforcement on holidays. Some cultures eat specific types of foods and refuse the other. There are many reasons those cultures excluded certain types from their diet, from basic health needs to a deep religious and cultural beliefs. For instance, the Islamic culture does not eat pork because it is forbidden religiously. (Laroche, Tomiuk, & Bélisle,

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