Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment

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IGN: flankzz Age (Must be 14 or older): 14 Timezone: EST How active can you be: Here is a rough schedule. Monday, 4pm-10pm Tuesday, 4pm-10pm Wednesday, 4pm-10pm Thursday, 4pm-10pm Friday, 4pm-10pm Saturday, All day Sunday, All Day Here are some things I take seriously and into consideration. Screensharing: I'd say I'm pretty good at screensharing. When I'm bored I really find watching staff series enjoyable and I've learned from this. Also if there is any specific way on serpent to screenshare, I would gladly do this and not leak any way to public if I were told to do so. Dedication: I'm very dedicated and since I started playing I have always wanted to be the best. Dedication is a really big thing. I take staffing very seriously …show more content…

I'm very mature and try not to get something out of hand. My past experiences as being staff: Trial-Mod: I was Trial- Moderator on a server called RougeHCF. This was my first experience as a staff member. It was not a very big server but it was a good place to start. It helped me learn the skills of a staff member. It eventually went down due to player population but at least I learned the skill set and how to become better at staff. After a while it also started to die so eventually it got boring. Mod: I as Mod on PulsePVP, this server really was one of my most entertainment for being a staff member. I eventually resigned because the Owner was toxic and got to repetitive. I wasn't really with his decisions. So I had to do what I did. Admin: I was an admin after being staff on a server for over 3 months. This server was called LibertyPvP. I worked very hard to become an Admin on this server. I basically ran the server along with the other two owners and 1 other admin. This server was so much fun and extravagant. I brought many things to this server made the staff team enjoyable, active, and fun to be

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