O Brien Persuasion Quotes From The Things They Carried

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62. O’Brien was essentially furiated with Jorgenson, as Jorgenson selfishly hesitated to provide medical attention when O’Brien was shot during a battle. O’Brien was traumatized from event as he briefly met the brink of his demise, while he demonstrated immense sorrow from his anguishing pains and the thought to death. O’Brien distinctly remembers this fatal incident and blames Jorgenson for his traumatizing experience. O’Brien’s wound also caused him immense pain after the incident, as he could barely apply pressure to his bottom. He was prevented from sitting and lying down on his back, which greatly discomforted him as O’Brien was so adapted to this posture. This exponentially increased his anger for Jorgenson. Additionally, O’Brien felt replaced by Jorgensen in his platoon as Mitchell Sanders didn’t consider O’Brien as a member of their squadron. Furthermore, Jorgenson apologetic and genuine sympathy increased O’Brien’s detestation of him, as Jorgenson’s persuasion caused O’Brien to stop hating him at an instance, which ironically caused O’Brien to hate him exponentially.

63. O’Brien’s desire to harm Jorgensen reveals that he is …show more content…

Rat Kiley’s platoon essentially understand and accept his decision as they know where Kiley is coming from. Lieutenant Cross even vouches for Kiley’s injury. The squadron essentially understand Kiley battles with larger tensions and stress than other soldiers as he has been on the warfront longer than most men in his platoon. Kiley has endured many deaths, considering his role as a medic. Kiley has constantly battled with the fear of death, considering his outcries on how he imagines his guts and liver oozing out like that of the soldiers he has tended to. Kiley as well has lost all tolerance in the difficulties of war as he worries about insipid bugs. Kiley’s platoon sympathizes him as he nearly scratches the skin off his body. Ultimately, the platoon accepts and understands Kiley’s decision, considering what Kiley has

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