Ode To Enchanted Forest Analysis

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The world has yet to know “its” true secrets and dive deeper under the mask of perception. Though we may feel like nature is throwing karma at us at times, we continue to honor nature for its patience. In the poems, “Ode to Enchanted Light” by Pablo Neruda and “Sleeping in the Forest” by Mary Oliver, both of the literary works share an appreciation for nature. Though this is true for both, they express their love and feelings differently. Pablo Neruda’s poem praises light as enchanting, whereas Mary Oliver’s poem personifies Earth as a motherly figure and gives off mother nature vibes. The earth seems to comfort the speaker as they go through a series of gentle, calm events to help them sleep. Although both poems glorify nature, one specifically celebrates light while the other shares the speaker’s relationship with the earth. Both poems perform different methods to evaluate and share its purpose. …show more content…

In “Sleeping in the Forest”,the forest gives off a powerful vibe that is enough to let the speaker fall into a deep sleep. It is mysterious to how the forest or nature does this. After the speaker’s long sleep, she wakes up feeling a dozen times better than the day before. “Ode to Enchanted Light”, a poem by Pablo Neruda, shares the idea of amazement by the light. The calming light that speckles onto the ground through the leaves of the tree enchants the speaker. It captivates the poet to become under nature’s spell by its enchanting beauty. The power and mystery behind nature is unbelievable as humans continue to explore the wonders of how nature works at its

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