Of Mice And Men Crooks Analysis

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Crooks, Candy and Lennie draw sympathy from the reader for their disabilities/disadvantages. Having disabilities/disadvantages on a plantation in the late 1930’s was a big deal. Working on a plantation was one of the only few places men could go to work. Having these disabilities/disadvantages can make it extremely hard for you to work and make the money you needed so badly. Here are a few of the disabled/disadvantaged men in the book.
Crooks is the stable keeper in the book. Crooks is the only “negro” on the plantation. He is excluded from everyone else on the plantation. In pages 66 and 67 it talks about Crooks’ bunk that he has all to himself. None of the other men want to share a bunk with a man of different race. He is very territorial of his bunk because that is all he has on the plantation along with the few personal belongings he keeps in his bunk. On top of being the only man of a different race, Crooks is also a cripple. As the narrator talks about his bunk in page
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On page 39 George says ”He’s dumb as hell, but he ain’t crazy”. This is a small part that shows that Lennie has a mental disability. He isn’t very smart and he can’t talk by himself. He has George always telling him what to do. George also protects him from the people that would make a big deal out of finding out what really is wrong with Lennie. People like this were not accepted at all in the time setting of the book. On page 41 George tells the men the story of Lennie touching a girls dress. He says that Lennie just likes to touch things and he doesn 't mean any harm. This is another hint at Lennie’s mental disability. Lennie just does what he wants, and he doesn’t really see the consequences of his actions. He doesn 't mean to do things in a bad way like people take it. He just isn’t capable of understanding what exactly is right or wrong until he does it and sees the reaction. In my opinion, Lennie is the most
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