Olaudah Equiano As A Slave

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Narrative of Olaudah Equiano As a Slave

The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, The African Written by Himself is an autobiography featured in, The Norton Anthology of African American Literature Third Edition Volume I edited by Henry Louis Gates,Jr. And Valerie A. Smith. Slavery is defined as a conditioned compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom. Equiano was captured and sold into slavery at the age of eleven years old. Usually, in history when you read about slavery you think about the harsh conditions that African Americans endured. Equiano however, did not encounter most of the harsh conditions that many African Americans faced. The life of Equiano was very unique and remarkable. The slave trade showed how Europeans treated African American Slaves versus how Africans treated slaves.

Equiano was sold and traveled too many countries. Equiano was also very privileged. Slaves were not allowed to learn to read or write. On Equiano 'sdventures, “I acquired two or three different tongues.” (127). Equiano also had the opportunity to see his sister again. After being snatched away from her at the age of eleven Equiano was heartbroken. Mentionedon, page 125 it states, “The next day proved a day of greater sorrow than I had ever experienced; for my sister and I were separated, while we lay clasped in each other’s arms.” It is obvious that he and his sister had an unbreakable bond. However, on his journey he came in
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