One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Analysis

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In the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (OFOTCN), Dale Harding is a very intelligent and educated man. He believes that the society is homophobic, therefore he admitted himself in the mental institute to be protected from all this hatred. He suffers from “humiliation of never fully pleasing his promiscuously unfaithful wife” (CliffNotes). He says that people tend to look at him and starts judging whenever he’s with his wife. Before Randle McMurphy was introduced to the ward, everyone looked up to him. He was the President of the Patients Council. At first, he didn’t get along with McMurphy but they started to discover some similarities. Harding and McMurphy are similar in a way where they do not like the feeling of inferiority by a woman. Harding feels inferior by his wife’s bosoms. In the movie OFOTCN, when Nurse Ratched brought up an issue about his wife during the one of group meetings Dale used very deep words where the Acutes didn’t understand any of it. The Acutes mocked him for saying such big words. The Acutes also teased him about his sexuality. For the inside out project, I decided to divide the page into two pieces. I went with a pink and blue paper. The pink side represents him on the inside and the blue side represents what …show more content…

I picked out a brain scan image because all the thinking that we do happens in the brain. Also Dale Harding is a very educated man which means he uses his brain more often than the Acutes. The flowers represent him being a homosexual. This image is fairly big because he knows that he has a very feminine side. He doesn’t quite let anyone know this about him because he isn’t prepared to what the society has to say. “The Rumor* is True” represents the accusations that the Acutes have about him being a homosexual. Even though he always denies this fact, on the inside he really is a

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