One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Freedom

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Pursuit of Freedom Freedom is a river that maintains and nourishes the people along its borders to develop individuality and power. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, the author describes the sterile environment run by the sadistic Nurse Ratched through the eyes of one of the patient's: Chief Bromden. Under Nurse Ratched’s oppressive power, the patients live with restricted freedom until Randle McMurphy arrives at the ward. The novel suggests, through the use of symbolism and metaphors, that the ward operates similarly to the world in reality, which suppresses people into mindless machines that are detached from society and their own selves. The author uses symbolism and metaphors to emphasize the mechanic nature of the ward …show more content…

The fog begins to appear when Nurse Ratched gains full control and power over the men. However, they “haven’t really fogged the place full force all day, not since McMurphy came in” (78). Bromden’s hallucinations incorporate a thick fog that begins to fade only with McMurphy’s arrival to the ward. The fog represents an escape from reality for Bromden as well as the “pollution” the mechanical nature of society has developed. Bromden physically cannot see through the fog without the help of McMurphy: the beacon of hope that follows his natural impulses. In addition, Ken Kesey uses the electroshock therapy table to serve as an example of the consequences that would occur if an individual were to rebel against the power of Nurse Ratched. It is associated with crucifixions similar to that of Jesus Christ in the Roman time period with “clasps on his wrists, ankles, clamping him into the shadow [and a] crown of silver thorns over the graphite at his temples” (283). Kesey references the crucifixion of Christ to characterize McMurphy as a Christ figure. He is being sacrificed in exchange for the patient’s freedom. In the hospital, Ellis, an acute, is an example of the consequences of not abiding by the hospital’s regulations that serve as a reminder for the rest of the ward members to conform to the rules inflicted by Ratched. Explicitly, Ellis is physically nailed to the wall because of his rebellion. The author emphasizes the consequences of rebellion and criticizes the government's impulse of regulations that is imposed onto the

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