One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Moral Analysis

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Michael from Prison Break made the decision to break into a prison by getting himself arrested in order to break his brother Lincoln out. Lincoln was falsely accused of killing the vice president’s brother and was on death row. Lincoln was not guilty, but he was going to be executed and Michael practicing Kantianism by believing in Lincoln’s right to live. Michael did it because his brother was going to die, the government who was called “the Company” was going to keep pinning crimes on people. He made the decision to break his brother out and expose the Company. And he also kept his nephew from growing up without a father. His reasons were good, but the manner he did it was not to good. Too many laws were broken and too many people died in the process of saving his brother. These reasons are good reasons but we should think before acting rashly like breaking someone out of jail. Those reasons I believe are what we should practice in making a good moral decision. What he did was morally right. He had good reasons which are based on Kant’s view. …show more content…

He believed that he was freeing the McMurphy by killing him. McMurphy was a very happy person who loved to talked. Being in the state Chief saw him after the electrocution made him believe that it would be better for McMurphy to be free of the psychiatric ward. Another reason was because Nures Rachet, the antagonist, hated McMurphy because he challenged the nurse’s dictatorship and pushed the guys to speak up to the nurse who was turning all of them on each other. Being in a vegetable state would put McMurphy at Nurse Rachet’s mercy which would be something he would hate. Away from the grasp of Nures Rachet would keep McMurphy’s dignity. Another reason Chief did it was because McMurphy was not the person he used to know. The body was there but he was

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