Opposition To Slavery Dbq

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From the time of the American Revolution in 1776, to the year 1852, there has been many causes to the opposition to slavery. Some have shown the support for increased opposition while others have shown to not support this opposition. This has caused many disputes about who is in the right. There is plenty of evidence between the two groups which were either supporting the opposition to slavery or they were not supporting the opposition. Three causes exist in support of and against this opposition: Social Darwinism, increased tolerance, and the need to unite the nation. These three of the many causes for the growing opposition to slavery show the rift in ideals in the United States. In document A there is an example of an …show more content…

In document E we see the rise of Anti-Slave Societies. These societies are tied around the abolishment of slavery and they want to establish them all across the country evidence for this claim is this quote,”We shall organize Anti-Slave societies, if possible in every town, village, and city in our land.”This quote shows the need to unite the land towards anti-slavery. In document H we have another example of the need to reunite the nation.This is shown in a quote from David Wilmot where he gives a speech fighting for equal rights between blacks and whites. We see an example of this quote ” I have no squeamish sensitiveness upon the subject of society, nor morbid sympathy for the slaves.” This quote shows the David Wilmots view where he expresses that he wants blacks and whites to be equal. This shows a need to reunite the nation and how it is a cause for the growing opposition of …show more content…

These causes of the opposition effected it in some positive and some negative ways such as the increase in tolerance and the need to reunite the nation fed into the opposition while the Social Darwinism tried to break it down. Overall, this opposition was able to start a change in the country and the three of many causes I named were involved, these claims were proven with quotes and other pieces of evidence. This shows some of the causes of a growing opposition in

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