Overview Of Thank You For Arguing By Jay Heinrichs

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Thank You for Arguing by Jay Heinrichs is a very delicate yet vigorously intricate guide on training the average human how to successfully get through to someone by persuasion, and how to strategically defeat their opponent in an argument or debate. Heinrichs arranges the chapters by introducing various methods to a dispute in which most, if not all, relate back to Aristotle’s three main tools: ethos, pathos, and logos. The primary goal of this essay is to portray Heinrichs master plan, analyze which chapter conveys the supreme guidance in order to dominate the enemy during a disagreement, and finally plead the use of this book be continued in the future. Heinrichs deconstructs every single aspect there is to any type of conflict and displays a solution and does so with style. For example, we are offered a secret; how to avoid conflict with a cop, or in other words, seduce him. Only to keep from getting a speeding ticket, though. While explaining the uses of ethos, pathos, and logos, he himself uses those rules in the book itself. He dissects the logic of a coherent argument by adding subsections titled “Try This” as well as “Persuasion Alerts.” He also uses references from his personal life in order to get through to the audience. For example, in the very first chapter he conveys how a morning in his house usually takes …show more content…

This chapter introduces decorum: a particular requirement of behavior or etiquette. Heinrichs portrays the idea that one must “fit in” with the audiences style for them to agree with what they’re trying to get across. For example, when applying to be a teacher, one does not wear simply a robe and house slippers during an interview with the principal. This type of approach is very important due to the fact that varieties of audiences exist and may only not agree with the contentions of the argument, but they might not be interested

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