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Examining Problems and Their Solutions in The Parole System The United States of America contains the third largest population in the world, which contradicts the fact that the United States has the largest prison population in the world (Aliprandini, and Finley). The fact that their prison population is so large alludes to the reason they would have a strong parole system. Due to contrary belief, this is not the case. Furthermore, the parole system is known to have a multitude of problems laced within it, these problems can be solved by focusing on parolee and parole officer relationships, and partaking in systems that improve the underlying issues. Following through to fix these affairs may seem unrealistic, but a solution could be in sight. Issues within the parole system in the United States include the ineffectivity of parolees meeting with their supervising …show more content…

Another problem that is occurring in the parole system is the release of prisoners into the parole system who were unfairly placed in it due to reasons that have nothing to do with the convicted themselves. Prisons are becoming so overcrowded that the courts are looking to make room by getting rid of some of the existing residents (Kleiman, and Hawken), and this may seem like a great opportunity for the future parolees. But in the end it is doing more harm than good. There are different kinds of parole a prisoner could get assigned to them, if they are even eligible for parole at all. This problem happens in the case of Discretionary Parole, which is the type of parole that is brought up to the parole board to discuss (OVERVIEW). This is an important issue that should be dealt with because it is not fair to send potentially dangerous people into communities when the entire conflict can be avoided. Lastly, parole sets up parolees for failure because they have a strict amount of rules they need to follow but are not in the right circumstances to do so. Mark Kleiman, a professor who teaches

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