Pathos In Jfk Inaugural Address

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President John F. Kennedy, in his 1961 inaugural address, speaks to the nation about the importance of America’s sacred liberty. He speaks of the nation’s forefathers and the groundwork that the framers laid out for their descendants. Kennedy describes in detail all that America stands for and all that she’ll do to protect her own people’s liberty and the liberty of her allies. Kennedy employs many rhetorical strategies and certainly uses them to his advantage. The style of Kennedy’s speech is formal but easy to understand. This simplistic style is clear but impactful. Kennedy’s main message and goal is to win the trust of the American people. The whole purpose of the speech is to inform of the plans for the future of the country and to persuade Americans to …show more content…

he talks about helping the other half of the world and says “...but because it is right.” This statement deeply connects with the audience's emotions because it shows love for the rest of the world. This strategy uses pathos and uses them very effectively and makes his message palpable to his listeners. Getting people to trust that under Kennedy’s administration he will care for foreign people also subliminal conveys the message that he would help his people too. Kennedy does an excellent job of utilizing pathos to his advantage. Another example of Kennedy’s usage of pathos is, “The graves of young Americans who answered the call to service surround the globe.” He uses very descriptive wording and evokes much emotion in the audience because of the tragic incidents of those who have lost their lives. These strategies provoke people to take action. Hearing of the people who have given everything for their country loves people to do more. Kennedy can use this to help to unite the nation. Although this may not be an obvious reason for including this in his speech, it certainly serves the purpose of uniting the people and stirring their emotions toward

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