Patriotism Dbq

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After WWI, there were large numbers of people seeking entry into the United States. During WWI the Russian Revolution occurred, and communism became an important part of politics. Some immigrants from Europe believed in socialism and anarchy. These ideas threatened U.S. capitalism and beliefs about American freedom. Americans reacted in different ways to the events by expressing anti-immigrant nativism, a fear of communism and patriotism to attack these fears. A hatred for immigrants caused nativism to spread throughout the nation. Immigrants who believed in socialism were deported, without trials and some thought, against the ideas of liberty the U.S. stood for (Doc 9). Some immigrants faced accusations that led to jail and even execution …show more content…

The Red Scare was intimidating and shocking and Americans did not want that to spread by nativism to take over the U.S (Doc 1). Bolshevism was thought to drag down civilization in a mess caused by WWI (Doc 7). Bolsheviks were causing negativity in America, caused strikes and negatively influenced the social ideas of Americans (Doc 8). The spread of communism caused Americans to come together and show what kind of nation they really are. Patriotism and nationalism arose to counter other beliefs and immigrant biases. Disbelief in patriotism often resulted in cruel punishments and sometimes even death (Doc 2). Immigrants who migrated to America were expected to disown their native culture and adopt the American lifestyle, those who didn’t couldn’t be considered true Americans (Doc 10). When foreigners first arrived they saw patriotic ideas and symbols to make sure they too would adapt to be a Patriot (Doc 11). Patriotism was a common reaction to the Red Scare. Americans had different reactions to Immigrants and a fear of communism, which has, in some aspects, not changed. American in 2016 is grappling with these same questions. Today Syrian immigrants are feared because of Isis’ ideas. This is the same situation as WWI just a different race and different ideas. These ideas from after the war have stuck throughout about a hundred years to still exist

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