Peekay In The Power Of One By Bryce Courtenay

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People’s behavior often comes from a parental figure that they grew up with. So imagine someone growing up without a specific parental figure their whole life; imagine someone not being able to look up to one person their whole childhood. In The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, Peekay never had his parents to look up to. Through his childhood Peekay had many people to look up to but his mentor was always changing due to the fact they either had to leave them or died. Still this only made him stronger because the influence of a million makes you extraordinarily unique, and can help you more than just one mentor can.he never had the same person due to them dying or leaving him. Since Peekay did not have his mother or father around, one could …show more content…

Peekay was on his trip to Barberton by train and he met Hoppie who was a welterweight boxer (60). Hoppie was an important role model for Peekay because he taught Peekay the main points of boxing. Peekay always thought of Hoppie when he was boxing even when Hoppie by saying “First with the head, then the heart (100). Those words stayed with Peekay his whole life, even when he was fighting the Judge at the end. At the beginning of the fight Peekay emulated Hoppie by fighting with his head by throwing the 8 punch combination and then the 13 punch combination but at the end Peekay said that it was time to fight with his heart (512). Hoppie’s knowledge was passed onto Peekay and it was used to give Peekay another person to turn to even though that person is not actually there.Hoppie was also very kind to Peekay on his journey to Barberton which was strange because he was one of the first people that saw Peekay as Peekay other than Nanny. Peekay even said that he hoped that Hoppie would not treat Peekay like the Judge did when he figured out he was a “rooinek”( add citation). Hoppie was important to Peekay’s whole story because he set the whole basis of Peekay boxing because he inspired Peekay to have the drive to become the welterweight champion of the world. Concluding

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