Perceptions In Frankenstein

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The novel Frankenstein tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who gives life to a creature he created. However, this monster is not what he envisioned, and it is an ugly creature that both he and humanity reject. This creation, which goes by the name "creature", later engages in abhorrent behavior due to how it perceives the world and the way it is treated. Throughout the novel, the creature exhibits a variety of actions and behaviors that may be evaluated to gain insight into their worldview through his feelings and perceptions. Overall, it is clear in Frankenstein, particularly in the nature of the creature, that behaviors point to a worldview. One behavior that the creature displays in the story is when he kills …show more content…

From this, it may be inferred that he feels compelled to repay them since eating their food makes him feel guilty. He also feels compassionate and curious. He has no idea what humans are like, and he thinks this family is suffering, which makes him interested in the family. The elderly man is blind, and they live in poverty. He also thinks they love one another since they help each other through their difficulties. The perception is that they have a nice family and that they need help since they are …show more content…

It can be shown that his behavior leads to a certain worldview because it demonstrates that his behavior caused him to feel a specific way, and then he perceives something about a situation, which ultimately leads him to his worldview. His worldview is found to be agnostic in all of his behaviors because God is not mentioned in the justification for his actions and is irrelevant to the creature. However, based on his behavior, feelings, and perception, it is clear that he believes humans are only concerned with outward appearance. This is because his creator yells at him and abandons him from the moment he comes to life. Furthermore, the De Lacey family screams and wants nothing to do with him. He is not given the opportunity to explain himself, who he is, or what his true motives are, but others continue to ridicule and reject him just because of his appearance. This is why he kills so many people, and he realizes that no human would ever care for him; therefore, he wants vengeance and is saddened and enraged about how people treat him. Overall, the creature exhibits a number of behaviors that lead to an understanding of his

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