Personal Insight In 12 Angry Men

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Throughout the play 12 Angry Men, jurors use reasonable doubt; previous knowledge or opinion of a topic, to influence the opinions of other jurors. Personal insight used by Juror eight, juror 9, Juror 5, Juror 8, and Juror 2 influence other jurors by changing their opinions and their reasoning behind that vote. For Instance, Juror eight exhibits how the old man 's testimony is not valid. He demonstrates the old man walking from his bedroom, down the hall, and down the steps, just in time to witness the boy stab his father. Juror eight exclaims how the old man has had strokes, and walks with a cane, certifying his testimony is faulty. Juror nine understands what the old man is going through, and he tells the Jurors he may have not witnessed what

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