Personal Narrative: My Piano

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His stomach clenched into a tight knot from all the anxiety. In just a couple seconds, he would have to perform two songs for a judge. This judge, unfortunately, looked as if not even a professional could impress her. The boy knew this happened to be the worst thing that could have happened do him. "I must get a Superior rating," he thought to himself. "If I don 't, I do not know what I will do." He set his hands, pictured the music clearly in his mind (since the music has to be played from memory), and took a deep breath. His fingers were ready to pounce upon the piano, a baby grand, in front of him. He cleared his brain of all other thoughts, and struck the first chord.

Piano has meant so much to me during my lifetime. Ever since I started to play, I couldn 't stop. When I was a third grader, my sister took piano lessons. I was mesmerized every time I gazed at her fingers dancing on the keys. I found this instrument so extraordinary, I knew I had to learn.
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My mom soon signed me up for lessons with an elderly lady after being begged constantly by me for about two months. I leaped for joy when my very first lesson arrived on that next Monday morning. As soon as my fingers touched those white and black keys, I knew I had stumbled onto the answer to life. Music. It filled me up, giving me an astonishing good feeling inside.

Beautiful tones filled the room. The song sang of peacefulness, but also sorrow as the piano sang the melody. His fingers skimmed over the keys as if he held his hand in a gently flowing stream. He knew he was doing superb. How could he not, with all the passion coming from deep inside of him? He came to the last note, and didn 't want to let it go for fear of losing it forever. But he knew he must go on with the next piano song. He cleared his brain once more

until it was clearer than a drop of rainwater falling down into a shimmering pond. He prepared his hands and imagined a little portion of the song. And
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