Personal Narrative: The Red Death

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I’ve seen many of my people fall victim to the brutality of the “Red Death”. The disease continues to inflict blood on even the youngest of children and the oldest of the elders. Along my streets, I see my people lying helpless, suffering from the clutches of the “Red Death” while others have already been taken by it. Nothing that has ever happened in this world, amounts to the devastation that this disease has brought to my kingdom. Nevertheless, I do not fear the disease, and my happiness and joy remain and will remain throughout this epidemic. Half of the kingdom’s population has fallen due to the illness, so I summon a thousand of my healthy and cheerful friends among the knights and dames to join me in my castle and keep ourselves away from the “Red Death”. The castle, of course, holds everything that my quests will need or want while the castle will hold out …show more content…

The people scatter throughout all seven chambers. The apartments are irregularly arranged unlike other castles. Each room has two tall and narrow windows which are stained with the color that corresponds to the color of the room. At the east side of the castle, the chamber is colored blue along with its decorations and windows. Next, is the purple chamber which contains its corresponding decorations. The third is decorated in green--the fourth in orange--the fifth in white--the sixth in violet. The seventh, which lies in the west, is decorated in black velvet hung on the ceiling and down the walls which flow onto a carpet made of the same material. The windows in this chamber, however, don’t exactly go with the decorations; they are stained scarlet. Each of the rooms are lit by torches on tripods that sit in the corridors outside the windows. The light casts amazing shadows in each room except for the black room where the shadows are ghastly. Few of my guests venture into the room throughout the

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