Farenheit 451 Week 1 Division Research Paper

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After years of waiting in anticipation for the ceremonial selections that most of the Erugents jokingly refer to as the early reapings. I exhausted most of the night overdramatizing each division to the numb singling out the defectiveness of both Undaunted and Canestor before coming to a definite conclusion of where I belong. Perhaps there is a reason behind why I do not conform to fit one division perfectly because, human nature can not be defined by one characteristic we are all selfless, kind, brave, honest, and intelligent in our own way. If being Deviant means that I am offbeat in an otherwise synchronized society following to the beat of one drum. I accept that I am insubordinate by acting on my independent free will but, how is freedom an ideal which our government is all about a crime punishable of death? If my freedom of …show more content…

If I can outsmart them by choosing a division I match inimitably with than they would not suspect that I am a ticking time bomb. Since I have come of age which according to the Elites is 16 years old then I must attend the reapings or else I will be divisionless without being classified to any division at all. I gaze at the mirror scrutinizing my features my round eyes are a striking stormy grey blue, long eyelashes, narrow nose, thick brown arched eyebrows, light skinned with reddening cheeks, cutting throat contour at the lower edge of my jaw, full blood red lips and sleek dark brown hair groomed to the side. Usually my hair is ruffled but, since today is the reaping I must appear to be tidy, sophisticated and well dressed in a white collared shirt and blue fitted tuxedo. Once I finish I begin striding with ease toward the first floor of the Erugent compound. The Erugent have a spacious assembly room enclosed with glass window panes that radiate shafts of golden

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