Fahrenheit 451 Week 1 Essay

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"Mi casa, es su casa." Rex says, gesturing grandly to the hovel. Tuck takes one look at his current crashing site and drags Rex away. "No." Is all he says. "Just..no." Even if Rex can't remember any other home, he too recognizes the awfulness of it and lets Tuck lead him someplace new. Can't be any worse than that. Rex thinks. The mouse in the corner was starting to look murderous. Also, the smell wasn't getting any more pleasant. Sometime after the third turn around a dark alley corner, he starts to wonder though. "So..uh...where are we going?" Because this is starting to feel familiar, and he's somewhat worried that Tuck's going to beat him up and take his money or something. Well, Rex has no money right now, but still. Tuck may not know that. …show more content…

That building you were staying at is where gangs and druggies go sometimes. Two weeks ago there was shooting there." A shiver crawls down Rex's spine. He could've been sleeping near the spot where someone died. "Oh." Tuck says suddenly, letting Rex go and rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry. I kinda saw that bad place and just freaked out. You didn't leave any stuff back there, did you?" Rex thinks of paper cups with tea and empty food wrapers. "No." He says truthfully. "Good." Tuck smiles. "I-I just...I didn't want you to stay there are get hurt. You don't have to - I mean, I was just gonna lead you to this neighborhood with people like us." Rex squints at him. "Changed." Tuck clarifies. "People there aren't freaked out by appearances like mine," Here he gestured down at himself, "And usually they won't like, stab you in the back while you're sleeping. So, you know - I thought it would be a step up. From where you were staying." Fair enough, Rex thinks. Abruptly Tuck looks embarrassed, and would probably be turning red if his skin wasn't made out of white strips of cloth. It's as if he's not supposed to be caught caring about another human being, or

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