Montresor: A Short Story

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Montresor woke up at his usual time, about 6 in the morning, on a cold winter day with the ground frozen white.
Knowing what day it was, Montresor said to himself, “Has it really been a year since I committed my act of terror upon Fortunato.”
He couldn’t help feel the slightest bit guilty for what he had done. To clear his mind Montresor decided to ask his neighbor to go for a walk. Once readied in his warmest coat and mittens were on Montresor walked into the cold morning to his neighbor’s house.
“Hi Aberto, How are you on this lovely morning.”
“Not bad Montresor, little cold out today isn’t it.”
“Yes, Indeed Aberto it is, would you care to go for a walk with me today.”
“Sorry Montresor not today maybe another time have a wonderful day.”
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Where is this special wine you speak of?”
“It’s a bit of ways from here, just follow me. And I promise it is well worth the wait.”
“Here we are Fortunato, in these underground catacombs are the special wine. Just follow me.”
This wasn’t a typical flashback instead it was turning into a nightmare for Montresor once he started burying Fortunato.
“Montresor, what are you doing to me! This isn’t right. Do this to me and you I promise you will feel guilt for the rest of your life, I will follow you everywhere you go for years to come! Starting a year from this day bad things will happen to you.”
Montresor woke up sweating and shaking violently remembering his dream.
“What was that about, I don’t recall those words being said. Is this why I now am seeing and feeling these absurd sensations?”
Montresor knew he couldn’t go on living like this he knew something had to be done.
“I know what I must do. I shall enter those catacombs and prove none of this is real and Fortunato is in fact dead. “
Later that day Montresor went to the catacombs once more after being there a year ago from
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It can’t be, you are dead I buried you alive a year ago!”
Montresor passed out from all of the emotions he was feeling at once. He couldn’t accept that Fortunato was sitting there wide awake.
A few hours later Montresor woke up.
“Ugh. Where am I? Yes, I know where I am.”
Montresor began looking crazily around the circular chamber where he buried Fortunato. Finally, meeting eyes with Fortunato himself.
“Fortunato is that really you?”
“Yes, Montresor it is me alive and well as you can see.”
“But how? You have been buried here well over a year.”
“That does not matter. What does matter is you locked me here for no apparent reason. You tricked me through wine while I was in a drunken state to come here. So you could what, bury me alive out of your own desires.”
No Fortunato, I buried you for what you have done to me. Insulting me, making me feel worthless all those. You hurt me!.”
“My dear Montresor, I am really dead. This is all a figment of your conscience clearing this issue for you. But you must know I have never done any harm to you or made you feel less then you should. It was my twin brother who did that to you.”
“Out of surprise and guilt Montresor took the gun he brought with him out his pocket and ended his own
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