Montresor And General Zaroff Similarities

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John F. Kennedy was one of America’s most beloved presidents, but there’s always one person who opposes what someone stands for. Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the president as he shot him with no mercy given. Likewise, Montresor in “The Cask of Amontillado”, murders his dear friend Fortunato by burying him alive all because of one small insult. Also, in “The Most Dangerous Game”, our antagonist General Zaroff leads sailors to his island so he can hunt them for sport. Comparing the two stories, it is shown that Montresor is more evil than General Zaroff. Montresor is very manipulative, using reverse psychology to drag his friend to the catacombs, the future place of his grave. Once Montresor had his sick, drunk friend Fortunato in the palm

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