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Despite having gotten away with murder, Montresor from The Cask of Admontillado is not perfect. Montresor has some pretty bad character traits. For example, Montresor has some very bad anger issues and cannot control his temper easily. However, he is very manipulative and can trick people very easily. Although Montresor has some pretty bad traits, he is not the only one with them in the short story. Fortunado, Montresor’s victim, has an alchohol problem. Basically, both Fortunado and Montresor have good traits as well as bad. Montresor is unable to easily control his anger for the most part of The Cask of Admontillado. His anger towards Fortunado caused Montresor to murder him. Not only that, but Montresor also yells as loud as he possibly could when Fortunado scream after relizing he was captured and chained against the wall. Montresor justifies murdering Fortunado by claiming that it was what he deserved. However, Fortunado merely insulted him or someone else. Even though Montresor does show some favorable traits, control over his emotions is not one of them. Murdering someone is difficult, and getting away with it is almost …show more content…

Sadly, Fortunado seems to have an alcohol addiction. Fortunado was drunk throughout the entire story and drank wine during the short story. He was also in Montresor’s family’s catacombs to get more wine. He even risked becoming ill due to the niter just to get some of Montresor’s Admontillado. Near the middle of the short story, Fortunado drinks some Médoc that Montresor presents him with. Fortunado may have an addiction to alcohol and he may have died beause of it. Everyone has good and bad traits. Montressor may have trouble with his anger. However, Montressor is also very smart and can litterally get away with murder. Fortunado was addicted to alcohol. Overall, nobody is perfect, but we have several good traits as well as

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