Montresor's Manipulation Of Fortunato Analysis

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In this essay I will explain how Montresor’s execution of Fortunato was carried out like an expert. I will list examples of how Montresor manipulated Fortunato, and how he enjoys his revenge. In this story Montresor, the murderer, used reverse psychology, and utilized cunning precondition to fulfill his scheme. He also used clever paronomasia to deceive Fortunato. Montresor first manipulated Fortunato when he met him at the carnival. At the carnival he informs Fortunato that he has a pipe of Amontillado, and he has his doubts. Then, using reverse psychology, he says he can see that Fortunato is engaged in something, and he will turn to Luchresi for connoisseur services. This makes Fortunato’s desire to taste the wine even deeper. Fortunato refuses and insists he taste the wine, completing step one in Montresor’s master plan. Then Montresor manipulates him a second time, says it’s not the engagement, but the severe cold Fortunato has. He continues by saying that he fears the damp vault is insufferable for Fortunato. Fortunato replies that the cold was merely nothing, and he goes on the say that Luchresi could never distinguish the wine from any other. This ensures that Fortunato is willing to go to the faults, and easily falls for Montresor’s 2nd step in his plan. …show more content…

He states that Fortunato is a respected man, and that he will be greatly missed, and that he is happy as he once had been. He insists on turning around, and Fortunato refuses. Fortunato says that a cold shall not kill him, and he insists on moving forward. Montresor, I believe, enjoys the irony and agrees that a cold shall not kill him, because he knows that he will be the cause of Fortunato’s death. Fortunato’s lack of knowledge allows his to easily fall for Montresor’s 3rd step in his

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