Literary Analysis Of Montresor Vs. Zaroff

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Arnaldo Donardi Marçula- Literary Analysis Which are the differences between Montresor, a man so focused on his personal revenge that would do everything in order to succeed and general Zaroff, a sadistic man who hunts people? In addition to that, how can they be similar? Both of them are characters from very different stories and have different motivations, however have similar minds. Montresor is more focused on revenge because Fortunato insulted him. His motivation is stated in the first lines of the test, although this motivation is not very clear and detailed in the story. Zaroff is not focused on revenge; he is a bloodthirsty hunter that does not care about human life. Montresor and Zaroff minds are similar; both are cold-blooded killers and have analytical interpretations about the situations they live in. Montresor and Zaroff have an important paper in the story as their personalities open some questions for discussion: “Is …show more content…

There are many similarities between Montresor and Zaroff. The first one is that both are murderers, as Montresor kills Fortunato and Zaroff hunts people. Secondly, Montresor and Zaroff are aristocrats. In the first paragraphs of “The Cask of Amontillado”, the reader knows that Montresor is rich as he says, “I was also an expert in Italian wines, and I bought large quantities whenever it was possible.” Other indicator of Montresor’s wealth is his house: a palazzo and the fact that he has servants in there. Analyzing “The Most Dangerous Game”, the reader can clearly notice that Zaroff is rich by all the aspects described by Rainsford: the majestic chateau where Zaroff lived, the expensive items that Zaroff possessed such as

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