Persuasive Essay About Mental Health Care

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One in ten children and adolescents will experience a period of major depression (“Mental Health Myths and Facts”). Many avoid the topic of mental health like the plague. In truth, people should be able to talk about mental illness and its repercussions on society and the individual. A minority of those affected with mental illnesses get help. Therefore, it is important to discuss possible solutions to helping those who suffer get treatment. Mental health plays a huge role in the everyday lives of people and their physical health. While some think that mental health services are not important, should not be provided to many, and should not be available in schools, mental health care should be available to all who need it for free and be available in schools. Free mental health can help those struggling and the public be aware of the issues, help those get the help they need, protect the individual and …show more content…

People could be aware of their problems and rationalize what is going on with their bodies instead of resulting to destructive behavior, such as cutting, picking skin, or even suicide, that would harm themselves or others. Public awareness of mental health can increase chance of mental health care being provided for free to many. Sadly, many cannot access service they need due to social or economic problems they face. If mental health care was free, we wouldn’t have this issue. Many would be more aware of mental health if it is provided for free. Directing people where to go to get help is essential for treating illnesses. Directing people to get help applies to mental health. Making mental health care free could affect millions and help those struggling get the help they need and deserve. Everyone should be able to get treatment for any type of illness, this could be physical and include mental

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