Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Today a big controversy is usually a topic that involves both sides of politics, religion, and moral belief. One of the controversies that involves all three of those interests is the controversy of Abortion. Women for years have dealt with the shunning and conformity in the belief of life and when an Embryo is not considered a human being and can be “gotten rid of’ without the consideration of murder. In today’s society the action of abortion has actually become simpler then an actual surgery. Women now have the ability to take in doses of abortion pills for a few weeks and this action would be like having a surgery and not having a baby at all, but should a women and soon to be mother have this much power? We are talking about a little tablet they just slip in for a few weeks, like an aspirin, and a life is taken away that never had the chance to breathe in the real world. I believe this should never be a reason or a solution in this …show more content…

Anything along those lines can be obtained anywhere. Women are supposed to see a professional to talk about the process and side effects of the pill. There will be women who are desperate enough to just go out and obtain the pill illegally; placing themselves in harm’s way. If the pill is taken by itself or in the wrong way, like any prescription, will have consequences. Placing the women in danger. Originally Women, if they choose this route, would be evaluated multiple times just to make sure they were eligible for the procedure, or result in physical harm to oneself. Human instinct says though a human should not give harm to oneself unless in much distress, such as depression, or in a dangerous situation that direly required the action. There are few people, but people, who would result to this action. With a pill, again, there will be no thought about consequences until the action is too late. Women would endanger themselves a lot easier then inflicting

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