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In America, 55% of citizens have pro-choice opinions and 39% have pro-life opinions on abortion. Abortion has been a controversial topic everywhere. Some places have fully banned it, and others have put limits on it. The government has banned abortions because they think it is criminal to kill the fetus. People have to fight for the right of their own body. Taking away the right to abortion is violating people's human rights.
Roe v. Wade was the case that legalized abortion. In 1969, Jane Roe was raped and became pregnant. She couldn’t afford to take care of another child. At the time, she wasn’t living anywhere permanent and she was struggling with money (Herda). Meanwhile, abortions were only legal if it was a health risk in Texas, where …show more content…

In the 1950’s there were many health issues if a baby survived it would most likely have severe disabilities. Now, there are still possibilities of maternal risk (Kamberg). Teens who become pregnant face a lot of challenges and decisions like if they could take care of a baby at their age (Amnesty International). Being a parent means fully committing to taking care of a child. Some people are simply just not ready to take that full responsibility (Guttmacher Institute). If someone is having relationship problems or might be a single parent. Along with that, the parent could be unemployed or might not be able to afford the needs of their child. Or their education/work might interfere and it isn't something they can give up. There is always the option of adoption, this isn’t the best choice for everyone. If there are health concerns with the pregnancy or some people think it isn’t the right thing for them to do (Brennan Center for Justice). With so many reasons it isn’t fair to force them to have the baby. People have their own struggles and things to worry about that might have to stop them from becoming a parent. It doesn’t work for everyone at the moment to be a parent and

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