Persuasive Essay On Electoral College

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Isaac Allen
Mr. Baker
American Government
Electoral College The Electoral College is a unique feature of the United States’ electoral system, which has been in place since the country’s founding. The Electoral College can be viewed as a compromise between electing a president via the popular vote versus by Congress alone. Over time arguments have been made regarding the need for the electoral college. Despite these criticisms, the Electoral College system an integral part of American democracy and should be kept in place. Having the Electoral College in place ensures that presidential candidates must seek votes across the country. Each state is given a certain number of electoral votes in the presidential election. The presidential election is decided upon the amount of electoral college votes received rather than just the popular vote. Candidates must then campaign across the entire country rather than focusing on only populous states. This promotes inclusivity and ensures that candidates must consider the needs and desires of a diverse range of voters, rather than just the majority. Without the electoral college, …show more content…

The winner of the Electoral College is usually known within a few hours after the polls close, and there are clear rules for resolving disputes or challenges. This provides a sense of certainty and predictability that is important for maintaining the stability of the election process and ensuring that the result is accepted by all. It further promotes stability by encouraging a two-party system. The setup of the electoral college hinders a new or minor party to win enough popular votes to be able to win electoral votes. Minor parties with more radical viewpoints are forced to compromise these views to more generally accepted objectives. Thus, ensuring two pragmatic political parties and diminishing more extreme and possible divergent

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