Plot Of The Awakening

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Setting: Grand Isle and New Orleans During the Late 19th Century Genre: Tragedy/ Literary Fiction Historical Information: Written during the height of female oppression Plot Summary: In the beginning of the novel we are met by Edna Pontellier who is accompanied by Robert Lebrun, who is known as a flirt. We know somethings up when the two return to the porch where Leonce Pontellier is waiting to return Edna's wedding rings to her. Edna and Robert spend an abundance of time together throughout the summer and they become very fond of each other however Adele Ratignolle, who is a close friend of Edna’s asks Robert to leave Edna alone because she fears that Edna will not be able to handle his flirty behavior. Robert doesn't listen to Adele because his normal flirting has turned into an actual love for Edna. …show more content…

She becomes fond of Robert Lebrun, who is also fond of her, and she acts upon her selfish desires despite the challenges that it may bring. She so desperately wants to break out of the social standards but she is too weak Desires to be like Mademoiselle Reisz who is self sufficient and experienced in rebellion however she does not desire to be like Adele who is the ideal mother (major societal figure) She becomes incredibly torn between whether she should leave her family to satisfy her inner desires or if she should continue to try to fit into society even though she is unhappy Themes: Solitude- Throughout the novel, we see that Edna has an internal struggle that although people can recognize it they don’t necessarily understand why/how she feels the way she does. She seeks freedom and independence but in the end she is alone in her attempts. Rebellion- Edna repeatedly goes against the social grind of the time by; Desiring a man other than her husband Being disinterested in motherly

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