Pros And Cons Of Stand Up Comedy

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Crossing the Line Sapphire waves crash down on the shore crackling like thunder; they race to the sand dunes, but unknown forces pull them back. Waves are like people, unique. They are born different sizes and contain various levels of swiftness. Under the waves, hundreds of different species are frolicking around, living in the moment. Hooks submerge in the water trying to disturb mother nature’s food chain; thus, making the number of species drop. All breathing organisms are born with the goal of surviving, and they are all equipped with different abilities helping them succeed. Waves have no exact line on the shore in which they halt, just like standup comedy where there is no line clearly indicating what jokes can and can’t be crafted. With political correctness on the rise, comedians are having to think twice about telling a joke, to keep the longevity of their careers. To learn how political correctness is changing standup comedy, it must have a fixed definition. Writer Stephen Silver has published over 500 articles for the entertainment site Screen Rant; furthermore, they’ve been viewed over three million times. Silver describes political correctness as “the notion that cultural values and mores have changed over time, leading to pressure to avoid certain language that may be offensive or insulting …show more content…

With there being no written rules in comedy a problem arises; how does someone specify hate speech from dark humor? For example, racist comedy is popular while also being highly controversial. If there is no specified line between racist slander and a racist joke, what stops a racist from spreading hate and saying it’s a joke (Silver)? Comedy is the only art form that doesn’t have restrictions even porn has restrictions. Also, are there certain things that are simply not morally right to joke about, Such as school shootings or terrorist

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