Ponyboy's Perceptions In The Outsiders

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In the novel, The Outsiders, Ponyboy has a long history with the Socs due to his upbringing, but over time he noticed that some Socs aren’t the monsters he thought they were. Pony is a Greaser who has two brothers Sodapop and Darry. His parents died when he was very young, causing his brother Darry to take care of the family. Darry doesn’t want Pony and Soda to get in trouble with the Socs if necessary because then they would be separated and sent to a boy's home. But he and the Greasers have been jumped by Socs multiple times. Like the time Johnny got jumped by the Socs and got beaten up very severely. However, later on in the book Ponyboy's perception of the Socs begins to shift. He starts to see that they are not all the same, some are kind, while others are cruel and abusive. He begins to recognize the Socs also have challenges, even if they have a wealthier …show more content…

The first time they met Cherry and her friend Marcia was being bullied by Dally, and he and Johnny stood up to them and told Darry to stop. After a while, Twobit came and started to joke around with the 2 Socs. Then Ponyboy and Cherry went to buy some popcorn, and that’s when Cherry asked Pony about what happened to Johnny. Pony started to talk about how the Socs beat Johnny up. Cherry said that not all Socs are like that as said in the book, "All Socs aren't like that," she said. "You have to believe me, Ponyboy. Not all of us are like that." "Sure," I said. "That's like saying all you greasers are like Dallas Winston. I'll bet he's jumped a few people." Cherry replied that after Pony said sure. Then later in the novel, he finds out that Cherry is willing to help the Socs with their case even though they murdered her boyfriend Bob. This amazed him because Cherry is willing to go to court saying it is all Bob's fault that this happened. These two events made him aware that some Socs aren’t what he

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