Power Of Vulnerability By Brene Brown Essay

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The Vulnerability of Belonging We have all felt a sense of belonging, we have also all felt the feeling of being extremely alone, we are all human, and we all have those emotions. But why? According to Brene Brown presenter of a TED Talk entitled “The Power of Vulnerability” it is just that. Vulnerability. Brown uses her many years of schooling a research to tell us why vulnerability exist, and what it does to us. She expresses that those who have vulnerability are the ones who believe they are worthy of belonging and love. Who embrace their shame. She calls these people “wholehearted”. Brown continues with saying that the society we live in is obsessed with numbing this vulnerability. By numbing our vulnerabilities we are losing our sense …show more content…

Brown could have used more persuasion in this speech, even though she was not there to convince or persuade her audience to do anything. She was there to help them to realize that vulnerability is good, and telling them to embrace it. But there was not enough persuasion to it. She did a good job of telling them how their lives could be if they opened up to their vulnerability, but many people need intense persuasion to change any aspect of their lives. Her use of logos was good in the terms that Dr. Brown had a ton of supporting evidence for what she was talking about. 12 years of intense studying and interviewing is a good amount of supporting evidence, but she didn’t back it up enough with reasoning to persuade. After analyzing Dr. Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” we can see that the way her talk is structured helps us to see that we are all vulnerable, but that we are all capable of belonging, and of love. Brown’s credentials makes all of her points very valid, while she lacks the persuasion of her audience. Furthermore, Brene Brown captivated her audience and made them really look internally to find out what their vulnerability is, and how to embrace

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