Overperforming In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the face of difficulties, humans have three primal instincts: fight, flight, or freeze. The first refers to the person rising to the occasion and defeating the problem at hand. The second refers to the person fleeing the scene of the issue for a variety of reasons. The latter is the tendency of some people to simply freeze in the face of challenges and become paralyzed from the pressure mounting. Horace claims that adversity has the effect of humans demonstrating talents that otherwise would be unseen. While Horace’s statement is ultimately true, this claim cannot be generalized, as there is an incredible variety of unpredictable actions that any person might take in the event of challenges.
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Atticus was under immense pressure due to the controversy of his court case of the sexual assault accusation by a white woman against a black man. Atticus demonstrated an incredible ability to prove the woman’s accusations false due to her potential gains if she were to win the case. Despite Atticus daringly representing the underdog in this trial, he was under enormous pressure from the town’s society due to the high controversy surrounding the case. Instead of becoming flustered at the trial, Atticus Finch exceeds everyone’s expectations and proves the man’s innocence to the town. For some individuals, challenges can make them rise to the occasion and go beyond their own limits. On the other hand, some individuals have the opposite reaction when faced with difficulties. The pressure mounting causes immense fear and the person cannot excel in overcoming the challenge presented. In this instance, Atticus overcomes the pressure that is mounting. Nearly everyone in his town expects him to fail miserably, but Atticus Finch overcomes this challenge to flawlessly derail the prosecution’s poor evidence that Tom Robinson was a criminal. To Kill A Mockingbird dealt with vital themes such as racism, and Atticus is monumentally advanced in his beliefs. Atticus’s perseverance can attributed to his complete sense of confidence in himself. Atticus’s actions, specifically in the …show more content…

Many parents hold incredibly high expectations of their students due to the necessity of being college educated in order to obtain a job in which they can support themselves. On top of this pressure from parents, colleges and universities hold increasingly high standards in criteria for accepting potential students. Universities hope that students excel academically, in sports, volunteering, and they must be a well rounded individual. The need students to be essentially perfect and holding the same common level of standard puts measureless stress on students. This causes some students to rise above the pressure and excel in all areas, but other students do not work quite as well under the same amount of pressure. Some simply shut down and it appears to teachers, colleges, and parents that the student has stopped caring about their education, when in reality they simply are not at the exact same level as their peers, which is an incredible burden to be put under. This challenge that every modern student faces does allow some to exceed above and beyond, yet this pressure does not always draw out the best. Some people crack under pressure similar to a china plate that’s dropped. Perhaps they can’t handle it, or maybe they’re too afraid of failing so they don’t even bother trying to begin. Generally speaking, the responses under pressure vary from individual to

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