Examples Of Atticus As A Christ Like Figure

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Ross Davis

Mrs. Spencer Hill


18 May 2017

How Atticus is A Christ-Like Figure

There are many characters in the book To Kill a Mocking Bird that show heroic deeds. However none compare to Atticus’ whom acts as a Christ like figure in the novel. There is not one main reason why Atticus sticks out as a Christ figure but many. One being that he is very noble. Atticus a white man chooses to defend a black man in a trial during a time period where discrimination happened a lot in this particular area but also happened around the world. This caused a whole lot of controversy but Atticus had to seek justice in this case because he always fights for what is right and he knew that it wasn’t fair the way everyone treated him. Knowing in this time period defending an African American man could totally ruin his reputation he chooses to do so anyway. This just shows how noble and brave Atticus really is. …show more content…

Not all men could pull off what he did being a single dad. His children were exceptionally smart and would always come to him in a time of need of advice because they knew he was a very smart man and usually would have a solution or answer. Scout idolized Atticus for everything he did and admired and respected him beyond words. Although Atticus is fairly young he is more wise than most of the older folks or attorneys and lawyers in the community. He fights for what is right and calmly assesses every situation that comes his way in order to fairly judge the problem being given to him. Atticus Finch is strong willed, wise beyond his years, and fights for what is

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