Self Sacrifice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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How does one live a life as a Christian that honors and glorifies God? The answer is by reflecting Christ’s image by acting as He would in every situation. Because of what Jesus has done for sinners on the cross, they desire to live by His example in order to give Him glory. However, living a Christ-like life can only happen through the work of the Holy Spirit, who comes in to sinner’s hearts when they first put their trust in Jesus and the cross, growing them and making them more like Jesus. Many characters in books, stories, and movies have Christ-like qualities and characteristics, an example of this being Harper Lee’s masterpiece. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus exhibits many Christ-like characteristics such as…show more content…
Jesus died in the place of sinners on the cross, the greatest act of self-sacrifice, and Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird attempts to imitate that self-sacrifice in some kind of way. The most obvious example of Atticus’ self-sacrifice in To Kill a Mockingbird takes place when he chooses to defend a poor, helpless black man, even while knowing that he would be risking his life in doing so. Although Atticus’ actions do not come close to Christ’s sacrifice, he did give everything for a helpless black man who could not defend himself. Similarly, Jesus laid down his life to save lowly, worthless sinners on the cross, even though he was the Son of God. Thus, Atticus’ defense of Tom Robinson does manifest in some way Christ’s death in the place of…show more content…
An anonymous person once said that “we aren’t called to shine our own lights; we are called to reflect His.” A born again Christian, once fully understanding the gospel and putting his or hers trust in Jesus, will desire to want to grow and obey God in order to honor and glorify Him, and since the only one who kept God’s law perfectly was Jesus, then one will want manifest and imitate Christ in everything he or she does. Not only does reflecting Christ’s image glorify God, it stands out to others as well. All true believers experience radical change because of the Spirit, and that change shines like a bright light towards other people leading them to ask, wonder, and desire that change and growth in their own lives as
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