Atticus Finch Traits

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The Novel, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place in the period of the great depression. In the novel , Atticus Finch, a well respected lawyer is portrayed as a single parent who possesses many great traits. Some of the most important traits which he demonstrates a lot through the story are strength, boldness, and a great listener.
Atticus Finch is strong in the way that he does not let small stuff get to him and mess with him and that he does not show weaknesses. Such example would be when he was asked by to accept the case of Tom Robinson, a negro when nobody else would take it due to their prejudice and hatred for the negroes as well as fear that they would probably lose the case. A second example is when an angry mob sets out to the prison cell in which Tom Robinson is with intent to kill him after hearing about his case and his accusation of raping Mr.Ewell's daughter. That day, Atticus stood in front of Tom Robinson’s cell, protecting it from the mob attempting to storm in at night and kill Tom. A third and final example is when Mr.Ewell calls Atticus outside of Tom Robinson’s house and as he passes by him, Mr.Ewell spits in his face. As much as Atticus wants to punch him, he does not, he simply cleans himself with his handkerchief and throws it away before driving off. Another trait which Atticus possesses is his way of …show more content…

Everyone in town prejudiced Boo Radley, everyone looks at him like a monster, however, Atticus goes by his saying, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” A second example is when Mr.Cunningham comes over and Atticus doesn't say anything bad about the way Mr.Cunningham pays him back. The last example is when he does not ignore Ms.Robinson’s favor to help Mr.Robinson, her negro husband, and take his

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