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To Kill a Mockingbird is a book about a lawyer that has to try and save a man named Tom Robinson,because he has accused of something he didn 't do. To Kill a Mockingbird is an award winning book written by Harper Lee. Tom Robinson is a black man that was accused of raping a woman and a lawyer, named Atticus Finch, has to try and save him. Atticus is a kind and selfless man that likes to help people like Tom Robinson.
Atticus Finch is a very kind and loving person. Atticus would do anything to help his family. The passage states “For several years thereafter he invested his earnings in his brother 's education(Lee 4). This shows just how much Atticus cares for his family, to pay for his brothers education when money was so tight. Atticus …show more content…

Atticus is also a very selfless person. Atticus made sure tom was going to be okay by staying at the jail with him. “Atticus was sitting propped against the front door.”(Lee 201). It shows that Atticus would sacrifice his time to make sure that Tom Robinson would be okay. Atticus also doesn 't like guns and would not shoot one unless he had to.”Atticus 's’ hand yanked to ball tipped lever as he brought the gun to his shoulder. The rifle cracked”(Lee 127). Atticus shot the Rabid dog to save the neighborhood even though he hates guns.
Atticus can sometimes be strict but he is not mean to people. Atticus is strict to Scout and Jem so they will become good people when they are older. Atticus has to get strict with Scout, Jem, and Dill so they will stop messing with Boo Radley.” I 'm going to tell you something and tell you this one time: stop tormenting that man that goes for the other two of you”(Lee 59).This shows that Atticus can be strict if he needs to. Atticus is only strict with his children. Atticus has only been strict to Scout and Jem in the story.
Atticus is a very selfless and kind person that likes to help people. Atticus showed selflessness when he protected Tom Robinson from the mob. Atticus showed kindness when he paid for his brothers education. This view is better than others because it shows just how

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