Atticus Finch: A Good Or Bad Father

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Atticus Finch: Good or Bad Father

“Dad, you have to buy me this, my friend has this at school and it is SO cool. It only costs ten dollars, please.” A good father may be the one that always buys anything, and everything for their child/children but in reality, a father with good punishement, and teaching to do the right thing may be considered a good father. Atticus Finch may not be like your average everyday father. From Jem and Scout’s point of view, they do not see anything “wrong” with him. Being a father must be hard, but being a father in Maycomb, Alabama around 1930 makes it even harder for the whole family. While Atticus is not a good father because he does not punish his children, Atticus is a good father to Scout and Jem. Atticus …show more content…

The way Atticus treats people sets a good example for his children to follow, allowing them to see how one should be treated no matter what race or gender one is. “...until I thought if Boo Radley ever received it he would not be able to read it. I was looking down the street when the dinner-bell rang.” (Lee, 49). In this situation, Atticus tries to defend Boo when the kids try to mess with him. Atticus thinks that the kids should not mess with Boo because his property is his property, and the children would not want someone “playing tricks” in their yard, and treating them differently than anyone else. Jem and Scout state that “they want to keep it that way” (Lee, 57) meaning they do not want Atticus to punish them for what they did. If they act the way they should, then Atticus would not have to punish them. Atticus is a good father that teaches his children to treat everyone equal. Lastly, Atticus Finch is a good father to both Scout and Jem for many reasons. Atticus sets examples for his children in which his children will remember. Atticus also punishes his children to the extent in which they need to be punished. Finally, Atticus teaches equality to his children. After reading the book, and this essay, do you think Atticus Finch is a good father or a father that needs to “practice/work on” being a good father a little

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