To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Dialectical Journal

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To Kill a Mockingbird Journal #3 I am in the middle of the Novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” in which so far there has been conflict with families in a small town in Alabama. Some conflict between these families is what is considered the good thing to do and what is considered the bad thing to do. In this journal I will be evaluating the Character Atticus and his most recent of emulation between his heart and his town. I will also be evaluating the uprising antagonist of this novel the Mob, and why did they leave. G. Atticus is considered Soft Hearted and Abominable. Y. Soft Hearted. R. Has empathy with family and town. R. Cares were his daughter leaves. R. Told scout that there is no need to worry. Y. Abominable. R. Had the best …show more content…

Atticus does not feel the necessity of his folks presence. R. Atticus could beat anyone on each side of the river. G. By analyzing the evidence from the book, I will resolve why I believe Atticus is Soft Hearted and Abominable. To being with I will be characterizing Atticus as a dad being Soft Hearted and Abominable. I think Atticus is a good overall dad becauses he has a soft side for Jem and Scout, he also shows empathy for Jem and Scout. The reason why I think why he has empathy for them is because he shows the need to comfort them when ever he gets the chance, and is worrying when ever they are gone. Atticus cares if Jem and Scout are gone a lot due to the intimidation and the unidentified areas of the Radley Household. Atticus believes that there is a “beast” in the Radley house intimidating him with Jem and Scout going there. Atticus seems to wish that the future is going to be perfect, some reasons behind this is that he told scout that “there was no need to worry” (Lee 131). This was about the upcoming court case that was very unpredictable and could even lead to a death of his colored man that he is defending in a very high risk authority moment. Atticus has good in him but he also has a sketchy past leaving

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